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We are a Neuroticroots team with a passion for web development and education. Our site is a non-profit platform dedicated to ASP.Net and everything related to it. Our mission is to provide accessible, understandable and useful information to anyone interested in this powerful technology.

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Deep understanding of ASP.Net

We offer a deep and comprehensive understanding of ASP.Net, from its basics to advanced topics. Our team consists of experts who not only know the technology, but also have experience in using it in practice. You can be sure that you will receive relevant and useful information that will help you become a pro in web development using ASP.Net.

Variety of educational resources

We offer a variety of educational resources that suit a variety of knowledge levels and learning styles. On our website you will find articles, lessons, video tutorials, practical tasks and advice from experts. This allows everyone to develop their knowledge at their own pace and find learning methods that suit them.

ASP.Net Core vs. ASP.Net Framework: Which one to choose?

ASP.Net is one of the most popular and powerful web development platforms from Microsoft. However, with the advent of ASP.Net Core, the question has arisen: is it worth upgrading to the new version or staying with the traditional ASP.Net Framework? Let’s understand the key aspects of each of these versions.

The ASP.Net Framework was developed a long time ago and has established itself as a reliable tool for creating web applications for Windows. It integrates many features, including support for the C# and VB.Net programming languages, an extensive class library, and tools for creating both web and desktop applications.

However, with the advent of ASP.Net Core, Microsoft offered an entirely new platform, built from the ground up to meet modern web development requirements. ASP.Net Core offers high performance, multi-platform (Linux and macOS support), lower server resource requirements, and support for modern architectural patterns such as Dependency Injection and Middleware.

How to choose between them? It all depends on your specific needs and project conditions. If you already have a running ASP.Net Framework application and it meets your requirements perfectly, it may be logical to stay with it and continue to support it. However, if you’re starting a new project or planning to scale an existing one to other platforms, then ASP.Net Core can offer you more flexibility and growth opportunities.

When choosing, you should also consider the ecosystem of tools and libraries available for each platform, cloud support (such as Azure), and the personal preferences of your development team.

At Neuroticroots, we offer you in-depth analysis of both platforms, useful selection tips, and migration recommendations if necessary. Based on your experience and goals, you will be able to make an informed decision that will help you create successful and modern web applications using ASP.Net.

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